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Awakenig to your magnificence

Gift Economy

The economic system we live in separates us from each other and makes us adversarial, it creates scarcity and fear. While the gift economy creates mutuality, community and trust.

Through a gift economy, we can achieve abundance and peace for all. Through a gift economy we all become empowered and caring for each other, we put love back in the centre of our economy and thus our lives.

Gift economy means that you check in with yourself and based on the gratitude you feel, decide how to reciprocate the gift you have received.

I choose this way to offer my work in the knowledge that it will help heal and nourish our damaged understanding of who we are, where we have really come from and why we are here. I choose to work this way for the sake of all beings who walk the path of the heart, for the sake of all my relations.

What to know more about Sacred Economics?

If you would like to go more into the gift economy and sacred economics watch this short video