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Awakenig to your magnificence

Awakening To Your Magnificence

A one-day workshop for those who would truly like to get to know who they really are and where they have truly come from. A journey for the hero in you!

What is this about?

This workshop is an invitation to meet the mystery and the magnificence of your own being. It is a deep dive, into yourself. It is for the courageous ones, for you who is ready, finally, to meet the infinite beauty that you hold.

I will not share too many concrete details for this journey. You can come to this workshop with absolutely no idea of what you want from it. You can also come with a theme you'd like to explore, or an issue you are ready to look at.

We work together. Diving into the grace of our true self, surfacing, sharing and breathing together. Working with an intuitive process you will be able to discover more deeply than ever before who you are and where you have come from. This eclectic breathwork based workshop includes the natural, organic goodness of THREE breathwork sessions!

Bring paper/notebook and a pen, food to share, a bottle of water and your beautiful self.


Do you have the courage and the staying power?

Awakening To Your Magnificence Workshop

inner child re-union workshopThis workshop will take you on a journey of remembering who you truly are and where you have really come from.

It will give you insights and understandings about where you are finding yourself right now and the path from this place.

The workshop uses the power of breathwork to help unite the energetic knots that keep us suffering

If you are looking for;

  • greater happiness
  • a deeper understanding of a current or persistent issue
  • begin to experience the real power, integrity and presence you hold within you
  • feel more freedom

Then this is the workshop for you! 

You can check out my next workshop on my Upcoming Events page, just click on the link and register your place.