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It all begins with what felt like a dream something, somewhere, someplace or time that I knew deeply, but, had forgotten...

Who am I, what I do

Many years ago I really did not like who I believed  I was, what I was doing in my life did not bring me, or, more importantly, the people I loved, joy or happiness.

Yes, I was ready to give it all up, become a hermit, recluse or a  monk if it would bring about a shift for the better.

I had been working with myself for some years at this point and had already bumped into using the breath as an energy shifting tool. But it was nothing like what I was going to experience later on.

Disappointed with how the self-work was going I went on the hunt for something that was deeper. I wanted to get to the bottom of my suffering, I felt that if at least I understood why I was suffering then, maybe, I could do something about it.

I tried all the forms of breathwork that were available back then, none of them seemed to "do" much to help me. I cried I screamed, I released anger but none of it helped me to understand. Then, one day, I wandered into a company that sort of said that they used breathwork to help people understand themselves. 

It was that session that started me on this path, the path of the breath. Within five minutes of starting the session, I knew that this was what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life, and, then, I cried tears of healing and transformation that soothed my soul and started to part the curtains of my ignorance. 

After two years of intensive breathwork, deep self-work I was ready to be trained as a breathwork facilitator. I was trained by Lars Mygind in Denmark over a three year period - I loved every moment of my facilitator journey with this consummate breath/healing magician Lars. It is one of the things that I am daily grateful for in my life. That was over 20 years ago.

Nowadays I live and offer my skills in Denmark and Online. I mainly take others on a journey to becoming breathwork facilitators or a deep journey of self-discovery. I also offer workshops and both online and in-person sessions.


Breathe, you have arrived...

This simple gift that we all possess has a deep power to bring about such profound transformation and understanding - breathwork is a tool that will help you change your life for the better.


Re-discovering our lost wonder and innocence

It all begins with a breath, a breath into remembering who we truly are and where we have come from