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Geoffrey Smith

Master Breathwork Facilitator, momentarian, Joyologist, Gentle teacher and peaceful Visionary based in Denmark.

Coming home to your body, soul & truth

Breathwork has been used as a healing and transformative tool for millennia. Wherever we find a shamanic or spiritual culture, you will find some form of breathwork being used to help people to transform and heal themselves.

Breathwork can take on many forms from the simplest conscious breathing technique to complex energetic exchange systems.

During a typical breathwork session, as the breath is allowed to work more intensely on the body, unhealed traumas will start to be brought to a level of consciousness where healing can begin to take place. Sometimes this can be cathartic, many times the trauma is directly acknowledged and released.

Breathwork works directly through the body, the mind doesn't need to be involved in the healing process. Without the mind in the way, the healing and releasing process goes much deeper

 "I gained a love for myself and my life that I had never felt before. Thank you Geoffrey."

Hi I’m Geoffrey

Born in England and having lived in many places on this beautiful planet I call home. I am a grateful father of 6 children and grandfather of 6. I am in love with my life and in joy with the path I have followed in this earth walk. I bring my experience, insights, intuition and love to serve others in whatever way I  can.

I have nearly 30 years of experience as a breathwork facilitator. I have helped many hundreds of people increase their levels of well-being, happiness, joy and love through the use of breathwork. 

Every breathwork session is different. My unique style stems from all of my 70+ years of life. Including: Tai Chi, teachings from Shamans from when I lived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, meditation practice gained from living in Plum Village with the Master Tich Nhat Hahn, laughter yoga, shiatsu, tapping (EFT) and inner child work.

The most common feedback I get from my clients is how safe they feel in the space I hold, and how deep I am able to guide them and help them unlock the root of their present suffering. 

I practice a relatively straightforward, but profound, form of breathwork. I use a type of conscious connected breathing which when coupled with my experience, insights and other techniques guides clients to release-blocking energy knots (traumas) from their life and gain deeper insights into where they have come from and who they truly are.

Breathwork changed my life. I am always deeply honoured to guide anyone on their own journey.


"A breathwork session with Geoffrey is like having 2 years of psychotherapy in 2 hours"

Breathwork is for you who:

Feel that there is something holding you back from living fully.

Feel lonely, isolated and unable to find the people and support needed to make changes in your life.

Struggle to ask for help and support.

Find yourself in the same place, repeating the same limiting patterns, beliefs, and judgements.

Are looking for a mind-body path that will allow you to develop yourself.

Want to understand why you are where you are in your life and move on from there with greater clarity and consciousness and freedom of choice.

It does not matter how old you are or what your condition is, as long as you are reasonably healthy, you can use breathwork to help you to improve the quality of your life.

You don't need any prior experience before joining a session.

With breathwork you can:

Remember who you are and where you have come from.

Get in touch with your authentic self (the one that is free of the fears and energy knots (traumas), the one that is open, powerful, compassionate and vulnerable)

Be empowered to do and be who you want to be

Bring you more clarity about present issues and situations in your life so that you can make an empowered decision from a place of freedom, clarity and love.

Equip you with the insights, understandings and tools to deal with everyday challenges going forward.

Regular Breathwork makes life easier, by releasing and transforming traumas that have held you back and squashed your creativity and clarity.

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